wild child

My name is Liam and I was born and raised in New Zealand.


I have always had the firm belief that if anyone is to succeed, and live the life they dream of, they must take action and make their own luck – and risk everything doing it. It is the only reason I have been able to live this life and see the world. I am proud of my country and heritage, my mother’s English blood, and her father, an adventurous seafarer of whom I take after. It is their blood and a perpetual sense of adventure which drives my life and soul.

I have a background in journalism and love to explore journalism using photography and video. My areas of interest include conflict journalism, humanitarian crises, human rights, war, international relations, freedom of speech (and press), local government, and investigative journalism. But mostly, I just love talking to people. And exploring new ideas, countries, cultures, and meaning.

Liam with Ping pong
 Courtney MacAllister

I have written blogs since I was 12-years-old. I have been published in several magazines, multiple newspapers (both print and online), and occasionally take on copywriting clients.

This website is less of a resume, and more of a dumping ground of sorts. Sort of like a virtual bedroom, and occasionally it’s messy.