Mt Cook National Park, New Zealand

A day trip to Hooker Valley in Mt Cook National Park, Canterbury, New Zealand.


Profile: Clair Higginson

Sometimes when I’m out on a job for work, I take a few extra moments and play around with the camera and the subject. These lovely people, Rory Butler and Clair Higginson, had just finished peeling off some old paint on the wall near this window and I moved towards them. Clair then moved in front of the window, an image flashed in my head, and I shot away. Photography is part science, part intuition.

Artist Ellen Coup

A few weeks ago I filmed Wellington artist Ellen Coup as she painted a bus shelter in Khandallah as part of the city council’s mural project to reduce tagging and graffiti, and promote a community garden in the suburb. Ellen coup was lovely, and I really wish her well in the future. You can check out her work here.

Jakarta (Borneo: part two)

Borneo: part two

These shots were taken while we were filming a demonstration in the middle of downtown Jakarta. Louisa took part in the demonstration and got into a costume which was brave considering it was hot and humid. We stayed there overnight and indulged in a steak and beer – something you cannot do in the middle of the Borneo jungle!

Borneo: Part one

In 2013 I travelled to Borneo, Indonesia with photographer Courtney McAllister and vet Louisa Fenny. We were there on behalf of Vets for Orangutans (VFO) to document the ‘action’ arm of a local non-government organisation The Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP). We were there when they were in the middle if rescues, raids and other operations throughout Indonesia, from Kalimantan (Borneo) to Java and Sumatra. This is part one, as there are a million photos to go through and edit!

Profile: Ainslie Allen

Ainslie Allen is a former child star, thrust into the spotlight at the age of 16 on TVNZ’s McDonald’s Young Entertainers. Most New Zealanders born in the 80s will know who she is, or if you are a regular at Christmas in the Park. I’ve always wondered what happened to her! So I caught up with Ainslie to see what was going on and where she’s heading next. You can read her story here.

The dumpling queen

I hung out with Wellingtonian Vicky Ha late last year as she prepped for the Wellington On A Plate Festival. She’s a smart, hardworking entrepreneur and businesswoman but yet the most humble and endearing. She also knows how to have a laugh and take the piss – a good Kiwi quality.